2020 October 28th Livestream Event

October 28, 2020

About the Event

This livestream (see video below) includes a message from keynote speaker John Cortines, Director of Generosity at the Maclellan Foundation and co-author of God and Money and a discussion around Kingdom Collaborations – Kingdom partners working with each other to accomplish a larger Kingdom purpose.  John Cortines and Cameron Doolittle, both subject matter experts and students of effective collaborations, will lead us through a time of education and discussion around what a Kingdom Collaboration is, and share specific insights into their research. Also featured is more information on our Generosity Dallas partner organizations and insight into their collaboration and the South Dallas/Oak Cliff project.

Most Christian business owners and investors have the desire to generously give treasure, time and talent over the course of their lives.  And, they want to experience true impact from their charitable efforts.  Unfortunately, more times than not, the tyranny of the urgent takes over best intentions, and many of us find ourselves facing the possibility that while we may have had great business success in the eyes of the world, we never experienced real Kingdom impact with our charitable treasure, time and talent.

The Plan to Give Conference is designed to interrupt the cyclical distractions of life to give Dallas Christian business owners and investors a 2-hour retreat to think, listen and consider. Both conference Sessions will deliver teaching and information according to the life stage of the steward (Sower, Harvester and Legacy Builder). Every business owner/investor who attends will not only leave with a better picture of where they are in their journey, but also leave with a list of specific things they can do this year to start or enhance their charitable giving strategy.

**Additionally one hour of continuing education (CLE, CFP, CPA) credit will be given for attending this conference. If you would like CE credit, please provide relevant information during registration.

Who is invited?

1. Any Christian who owns a business or invests in for-profit business ventures.

2. Any wealth advisor, lawyer or accountant who consults high net worth Christian families with investment and business interests.