Our Story

Generosity Dallas brings life to the community of Christ-centered giving in our city. Whether you are a donor, non-profit, church, professional advisor, or just curious about giving, Generosity Dallas is here to educate, inspire and connect you to others like you. We believe God owns everything, and every Christ follower is a steward of the resources God has entrusted to them. Christ-centered generosity is more than philanthropy; it is an act of worship unto God that results in helping people in need, building God’s Kingdom, and bringing joy to the giver.

Who is in the Generosity Dallas community?

Christian Grant Makers – from individuals to families and private foundations, Generosity Dallas convenes Christian grant makers to help them think through all facets of Christ-centered generosity from better understanding of how their faith connects to their finances to best practices in Christian grant making.

Churches and Christian Non-Profits – We believe that the church is the bride of Christ, and that God is building his Kingdom around the world through the local church and Christian non-profit organizations. Generosity Dallas is a resource for local churches who want to grow Christ-centered generosity within their body. It also convenes Christian non-profit organizations to educate and inform on an array of best practices and trends.

Professional Advisors to Christian Families – Wealth advisors, lawyers and accountants can play a key role in charitable giving in the way that they advise Christian families. Generosity Dallas convenes professional advisers and provides impactful continuing education training in the key areas of wealth advice, law and tax that impact charitable giving.

Launched in 2019, Generosity Dallas is a neutral “generosity platform” designed to grow Christ-centered generosity.

4514 Cole Avenue, Suite 1650, Dallas, TX 75205