What exactly is Generosity Dallas?


Who We Are

Generosity Dallas brings life to the community of Christ-centered giving in our city. Whether you are a donor, non-profit, church, professional advisor, or just curious about giving, Generosity Dallas is here to educate, inspire and connect you to others like you. We believe God owns everything, and every Christ follower is a steward of the resources God has entrusted to them. Christ-centered generosity is more than philanthropy; it is an act of worship unto God that results in helping people in need, building God’s Kingdom, and bringing joy to the giver.

What happens at this Giving Conference?


What We Do

We strive to multiply charitable resources by inspiriting a culture of biblical generosity that starts in Dallas and radiates throughout the world. We do this by gathering influential Christ followers who share this same desire. When believers come together as a community to share charitable giving ideas, common perspectives and experiences, barriers come down and big things happen in the building of God’s kingdom.

Generosity Dallas Events




Christian Giving and Grantmaking Conference

Spring 2020

This conference is for all Dallas Christian grant makers from individuals who are just starting out on their giving journey to the experienced grant making foundations.  Experts from around the country will join us to present on a variety of key grant-making subjects from best practices for Christian grant making to understanding impact investments and other charitable giving trends. All Dallas grant makers who attend this event will benefit from what they learn and who they meet at this gathering.



Dallas Christian Non-Profit and Church Conference

August 22th – 9AM to 4PM

This conference is for all Dallas-based, Christian non-profit and church leaders and their board members.  Subject matter experts from around the country will join us to present on a variety of important topics that are essential for faith-based organizational growth and stability. Such topics include best practices in development, governance, board development, important trends in collaboration agreements and revenue models that support impact investments.



Plan to Give Conference for Professional Advisors

September 17th – 9AM to 1PM

This conference is for all Dallas-based wealth advisors, lawyers and accountants who advise high net worth Christian families in Dallas.  Professionals from our area, the state of Texas and from other parts of the country will present on a range of topics from tax wise charitable giving strategies to charitable trusts, private foundations, estate planning and recent tax developments.

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